Dismaland model village comes to New Mills

If you didn’t  make it to Banksy’s Dismaland when it took over a corner of Weston-super-Mare in the summer, fear not, because a slice of the ‘bemusement park’ is coming to New Mills, in the form of the Aftermath Dislocation Principle – a model village with a difference.

The town has been chosen as one of the locations for Jimmy Cauty’s stunning installation work, now housed in a 40 foot shipping container on the back of a 30-tonne truck ready to start an epic journey zig-zagging across the country, stopping at sites of historic riots in the UK.

The work will be on display in New Mills for its annual festival art trail and lantern procession from September 19-26.

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle is a monumental post-riot landscape in miniature.

The origins of the piece lie in a series of works known as A Riot in a Jam Jar. Here Cauty constructed tiny scenes of a riotous nature inside upturned jam jars in which violence, humour and socio-political commentary vied for position in contained and domesticated bite-size portions.

As part of the events planned around the installation, students from New Mills School and Sixth Form will create more than 100 Riot in a Jam Jar works that will also be displayed during the two-week festival.

Toby Hardwick, a festival volunteer, said: “It’s really exciting to have this major work here for the Festival. We think it links back perfectly to the civil unrest leading up to the Kinder Trespass.

“It really is a coup for the festival and it will be a great way to get people involved.”

If you would like to take part in New Mills Festival Art Trail 2016, submissions are now being taken and will close at midnight on May 15.

Full entry details can be found at http://www.newmillsfestival.co.uk – click on the Art Trail button.