Musician David Briggs to perform at Repton

One of the most important British artistes to excel in the art of providing improvised music to accompany a film is making a return to Repton next week for a performance that promises to amaze and entertain everyone.

David Briggs was invited to perform as part of the 2016 Repton School Concerts Society series after a spell-binding performance he delivered last year when he played the organ for Phantom of the Opera.

Series artistic director John Bowley said: “We felt compelled to invite him back straight away, so that more people could experience his incredible playing. Certainly, this concert is definitely not just for organ aficionados.”

Live musical accompaniment was commonplace in the early days of cinema, and the tradition never died out completely, but David Briggs is unique in the extent to which he has made a success of it in our times.

In next week’s concert David will be improvising for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a 1920 American horror film directed by John Robertson and starring John Barrymore who plays a doctor who tests his new potion that can unleash people’s inner demons.

The film is an adaptation of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), the Robert Louis Stevenson tale of a man who takes a potion which turns him from a mild-mannered man of science into a homicidal maniac.

David will be playing on the Harrison & Harrison organ in Repton School Chapel and with a film that presents such wonderful opportunities for dramatic live music, is expected to fill the pews.

His appearance is on Wednesday, May 11 in Repton Chapel, (off Willington Road), Repton. Tickets are expected to sell very quickly.

Everyone is welcome to attend (and bring a cushion), with tickets costing £13.50 (concessions £10.50) available from the Repton Subscriptions Concert Series Secretary, Mrs S Parker, on 01283 702550 or email