Culture Czar seek’s city’s collaboration

Derby-born composer, actor and singer-songwriter David Chabeaux wants the world to sit up and take notice of the talent in his beloved home city.

And his first step towards achieving that will be to inspire young people to become more interested in artistic creativity with the help of arts organisations, local businesses and schools and colleges.

He will be doing that as producer of the Derby City Cultural Campus project which is a new educational programme for young people in the city.

The aim of the project, which is a collaboration between Derby Theatre, Déda, QUAD and The Mighty Creatives, is to make Derby a city where arts, culture and learning converge to inspire and engage young people.

David’s job, as he puts it, will be to ‘knock some heads together’ so there is some true collaboration between all the necessary parties.

When he met me for lunch at the BookCafé in Derby’s St Peters Quarter he had only been officially in the role for a few weeks, but already he was full of plans and ideas and was talking of a public performance by young people taking part in the project during the Festé weekend.

He is not one for resting on his laurels and it sounds like he is preparing to ruffle some feathers in his quest to see various arts organisations working for the common good of the city.

Fortunately he is no stranger to dealing with community leaders and organisations as he is a former director and coach at the global consulting firm of the American leadership guru Dr Stephen R Covey – which means he has a wealth of experience in the fields of business and education. He has worked alongside some of the most inspirational and innovative leaders, education institutes and organisations on the planet.

He regularly collaborates with celebrated performers, artists and pioneering figures around the world using the power of the arts to inspire and influence positive community change.

He said: “My aim is always to use art to ignite a spark in people.

“This new role gives me the opportunity to offer my skills and experience in the arts, in business and in education toward that cause.

“My job is to find a way to make all the different groups involved work better together in the best interests of the future of the city and its young people.
“I am sure there will be some fierce conversations to be had and I am not going to shy away from them. I am here to get a job done and I will get it done.

“I’m passionate about my home city of Derby. There is a huge wealth of artistic creativity here.

“We have so much talent and innovation to be proud of – particularly artistically – and it is time that we made the world sit up and take notice.”