Nine new artists at Gallery in the Gardens

The High Peak Artists who showcase their work at The Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton are celebrating spring by welcoming nine diverse new members to their ranks.

There are three jewellers, a mosaic artist, a glass designer, a stained glass artist, a painter, a potter and a print maker who specialises in architectural drawings.

Leek-based husband and wife team Helen and Claude André both work with glass. Helen creates beautiful jewellery incorporating silver, while Claude designs landscapes using bullseye glass (pictured above  is silver birch glass by Claude)

Another artist using glass, but in this case to create stained glass designs inspired by nature, is Sarah Brelsford

Kate Pheasey, from Bakewell, works in the traditional medium of mosaic but has developed a style producing imagery with a contemporary twist by using a variety of ‘non-traditional’ materials.

Potter Karin Findell makes handcrafted colourful ceramics in practical stoneware and earthenware.

Leaves and floral patterns frequently feature in the work of jewellery designer Jenny Conway who works from her home studio in Buxton.

Another of the jewellers is Leonie Williams from Marple Bridge.

Emma Sidwell, who already exhibits her jewellery with the group will be adding her paintings to the mix this month.

Steve Kerr, who works out of the same studio as his printmaker wife Jill in the Chinley Hills will be exhibiting his architectual drawings and woodcuts.

The High Peak Artists have reached the seventh anniversary of The Gallery In The Gardens, having moved there from the Pump Room in 2009.

Their aim is, and always has been, to offer the public the chance to buy high-quality, locally-made art and crafts at affordable prices.

They are a self-help co-operative and non-profit making, with the 50 or so members sharing the cost of the rent on the basis of how much space they use. They also share all the manning duties, which usually means they spend one day a month in the gallery dealing with customers.

They have often a waiting list from which they select new members and the catchment area has always been the High Peak, Macclesfield and Leek.

Over the years many artists have joined and have grown to be award winners, including Rob Wilson who won last year’s Buxton Spa Prize.

Long-term member Pauline Townsend who paints on silk said: “We have just had a very good year, beating last year’s sales and we are moving forward into our new year with great optimism.”

They have a huge range of work, including paintings in pastel, acrylic, oil, watercolour, mixed media and on silk, ceramics, photography, calligraphy, textiles, contemporary jewellery, lino cuts, prints, etchings, embroidery, turned wood and fused glass.

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