Can you play part of striking miner’s wife?

Marde Hen  a new production company based in Belper are hunting for a woman to take a key role in their next drama called Shafted which is based on the Miners’ Strike.

The group perform original plays by Derbyshire writers and have already achieved acclaim with both audience and critics with their first two plays Late and Fish and Chips.

They are searching for the missing piece of the jigsaw to complete their cast for their next project following the fortunes of family of colliery workers during the infamous 12 month dispute between 1984-85.

They are searching for a female actor aged between 20 and 30 to play Linda Greatorex, the wife of a striking miner, one of Arthur Scargill’s disciples who took action at Cadley Hill colliery.

She is feisty and devoted to her husband, proud of him for taking a stand; she will not merely take her turn in the soup kitchen but will fight alongside her man for a future for the family.

Despite an exhaustive facebook campaign Marde Hen have been unable to find Linda and have been forced to begin rehearsals without her.

However they cannot believe that with all the histrionic talent within Derbyshire there is no-one able to bring her to life and they really want to hear from you if you are interested.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday and Wednesday at Strutts Centre in Belper  7.30pm-9.30pm and the production will be on June 2-4.

Please contact them by email at if you are interested.