Photographer discovers Cathedral’s secrets

It is his attention to detail and his ability to see what the rest of us miss that makes the work of Ewan Mathers stand out.

The Ilkeston photographer is not interested in the bigger picture he wants to home in on intricate and interesting and give us an intriguing view of the world around us.

If you are a regular reader of artsbeat you will have seen some of the fascinating pictures he has taken in artists’ studios around the county.

And if you frequent the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Cathedral Centre in Derby then you may have seen one of his previous exhibitions there.

These pictures are from his third exhibition at the gallery The Secret Cathedral: Derby Cathedral in a New Light and they have been taken to celebrate its recent refurbishment.

Ewan, who once lived in the shadow of the Abbey on the tiny Scottish island Iona, studied commercial photography at Derby University and now runs his business from Shed2Studios in Ilkeston.

He can turn his hand to most photography work but he is happiest working with creative businesses where he can show off the process of what they are doing in their own environment. He likes the nitty gritty of people at work with their crafts.

“I like detail. I like to break down and isolate what I can see into the essence of what it is without any distraction,” he explained.

“Most of my work is commercial but on occasion I do like a project where I can be let loose – and this one for the Cathedral was a challenge I found fascinating. There is so much that often will be missed by visitors and I hope these pictures will encourage them to look closer.”

The Secret Cathedral: Derby Cathedral in a New  Light by Ewan Mathers can be seen at the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Cathedral Centre in Derby from February 1-29 from 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

To find out more about Ewan’s commercial work go to for his contact details.