Off The Press exhibition at Rowsley

LaineTomkinson-Barca-edition%20of%2010-2013%20%283%29The Old Station Gallery’s January curated group show Off the Press brings together regional printmakers in an exhibition that combines the outstanding originality, skills and talents of printmaking.

An array of printmaking techniques will be on show in the exhibition at the gallery in the Peak Shopping Village at Rowsley including drypoint, collagraphs, linoprints and screenprints.

Artists included in the show are Laine Tomkinson and Georgia Peskett.

Laine is an intuitive artist – approaching each screen print without a definitive blueprint; building up layers, sometimes mixing painting and screen print processes to make bold, bright, expressionistic works on paper.

Laine’s artwork, pictured above, is a cranked up response to everything she loves; the natural world, music and the sensation of being human; a work is successful if it is jubilant- if it’s bursting out of the frame with joy.

Laine’s vibrant work is contrasted by Georgia’s, often monochromatic collagraphs and mezzotints, pictured below, which examine the ways that nature evolves and develops disguises in order to survive.
Hope and Fortune explores some of the irrational beliefs around sightings and symbolism.

Georgia%20Peskett%20Disguise_#1_DeathheadMoth%20%283%29-2Many of Georgia’s circular mezzotints have been used to either convey to the viewer a feeling of catching a glimpse, a sighting of something, or of being watched.

The exhibition continues until February 10. The gallery is open (11-4pm) Sat, Sun and Wednesdays.