Oddsocks present King Arthur in Derby

king arthurOddsocks are back in their home city of Derby with their ambitious new re-telling of the classic English tale The Legend of King Arthur.

Expect vibrant characters, live music and laughter-a-plenty in the show which tells the story of one of the most intriguing and fascinating English legends.

Oddsocks Productions, which was set up 26 years ago by Andy Barrow and Elli Mackenzie, takes classic texts and creates bold, challenging, innovative and interactive theatre.

Elli Mackenzie, the writer of this latest tale plays the wicked Morgan Le Fey in the production, says King Arthur is relevant to audiences today.

“The traditional story says that Arthur is waiting to return and save Britain when Britain needs him but ultimately, I think Arthur stands for hope. “I think Britain needs a bit of hope at the moment. There’s a lot of depressing news about the country and I hope the story shows that if you have a code of conduct, ethics and values, as Arthur learns, then we can’t go wrong we can only go forward.

“The Legend of King Arthur is such an exciting story to share. King Arthur has it all! It has a hero, it has love, dragons, fights, glory, history, humour, poignancy…it’s got everything!”

You can find out more about Oddsocks Productions by visiting their website oddsocks.co.uk

The Legend of King Arthur plays at Derby Guildhall Theatre, from January 26-30. For tickets go to http://www.derbylive.co.uk