QUAD exhibition celebrates animation

AnimateOpen RGBA new exhibition at QUAD in Derby sets out to celebrate and confound our expectations of animation – bringing together different artistic approaches that explore the craft.

Parts & Labour: Experiments in Animation features 21 cutting-edge animated films selected from an international search which attracted 198 entries.

The works are grouped under three headings: Industry, Manufacture and Material.

Works range from Vicky Smith’s Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting – in which the artist used her tongue and a stamping pad to make marks on celluloid film – to Rui Hu’s Metropolitan Triangle Garden, in which ‘digitally-rendered classical sculptures participate in a destructive performance triggered by software glitches, distortions, and misused simulation’.

Other artists from include: Kristian Andrews, Jane Cheadle, Sophie Clements, James Duesing, Richard Fenwick, Martial Guillaume, Catherine Anyango, Jake Fried, Jonathan Gillie, Michaela Grill, Wednesday Kim, Peter Millard, Edwin Rostron, Steven Subotnick, Sebastian Buerkner, Kent Lambert, David Theobald, Sean Vicary, and Alan Warburton

Alongside the Parts & Labour exhibition Animate will be showing new work by the Japanese-born artist Noriko Okaku in QUAD’s Extra Gallery Spaces.

The Interpreter is a series of 22 collage works that are modelled on characters from the Tarot set, which are loaded with symbolism, intrigue and mystical imagery referencing Derbyshire’s history, myths and legends. The images are also presented as an animation, bringing the narrative to life.The exhibition, a collaboration between Animate Projects and QUAD, runs until January 24 and admission is free.

Following the gallery exhibition at QUAD, a selection of works will be shown online at animateprojects.org, and in cinemas as part of Move It, Animate’s new touring programme.