Circus Mayhem comes to Déda

Circus%20Mayhem%2c%20Rimski%20and%20his%20bicycle%20piano%2c%20ph.%20Gavin%20MechanicsCircus and comedy combine in Circus Mayhem, an absurd variety show for audiences of all ages presented by Circus Evolution comes to Déda on November 13 and 14.

Bringing a festival feel to the theatre experience, Circus Mayhem sees three contrasting artists come together for a fun, freewheeling evening – cycling pianist Rimski, puppeteer and quick-fire painter Jon Hicks and sweet slapstick trio BettiCombo.

First up is Rimski, the back-pedalling, side-winding pianist, who will regale audiences in CUBE café/bar before the show and in the interval. Playing and singing as he rides, Rimski dazzles with his flawless finger work, original songs, clowning, acrobatics and the occasional firework. Joining him as a special guest in Derby is Miranda La Mutanta and her Penny Farthing.

Over on the main stage is Jon Hicks who has been enthralling audiences with his high-skill repertoire of artistic oddities since 2000. Hicks’ deadpan puppetry, awesome speed painting, kicking musical scores and big time finales have earned him the title of “International Man of Artistry”.

For the finale, sweet slapstick trio BettiCombo from France and Italy tell an engaging tale of triumphs and defeats. They burst on to the stage to create an endless playground game, building precarious pyramids, towers and columns from countless white buckets and a towering Chinese pole. Their complimentary skills deliver a mini-masterpiece of circus comedy.

Watch the Circus Mayhem trailer here

If Circus Mayhem inspires people in Derby to have a go themselves, they can get involved in Déda’s fantastic class programme.

With over 50 classes a week, Déda now offers aerial classes for Young People aged seven plus and Adults, with acrobatics classes for children and young people alongside a variety of dance styles and techniques for all ages. Call 01332 370911 for more information or visit – there’s something to suit everyone.