Chance to meet photographer Michela Griffith

Liquid%20Light%20blogLiquid Light, the current exhibition at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, brings together over 30 images from photographer Michela Griffith’s dialogue with the River Dove.

Her work celebrates the ephemeral beauty of water, but also considers how light and subject matter can also be fluid.

“Since starting to photograph water in detail and often in the abstract in 2012, it has taken me on a journey that I could not have anticipated.  I’m still travelling.  Through it I have found artistic focus, made new friends, and ventured in new directions,” she said.

“The water’s movement reinvigorated my photography, but has also changed the way that I look at the land. I now regard the camera as a creative tool, not as a means of recording the landscape.  Nature isn’t static, yet so often photography records it as such.  I’ve started to apply some of what I’ve learnt from my Streamscapes to the land and a few of these images are included as a conclusion to the exhibition.

“I don’t yet know where this will lead, but I’m enjoying the journey and in a strange way the less my images ‘look’ like photographs the happier I am. I’m delighted that they are so often mistaken for paintings.

“The way in which an image is created shouldn’t be considered paramount – they should be judged on how well they reflect the vision of their maker and whether they speak to the viewer.”

The exhibition continues until 14 November 2015. There are two opportunities to meet and talk to Michéla on October 10 and  31 between 2-4pm.  For more information including opening times go to

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