Derbyshire author launches latest book

green table cover.jpgThe catalyst for Tricia Durdey’s novel set in Nazi-occupied Holland came more than 30 years ago when she was living and working in Amsterdam.

“I could sense the shadow of World War Two and Nazism in a way I never had growing up in England,” said the author who trained and worked for many years as a dancer and choreographer.

However it wasn’t until 2005 and on a course writing for young adults that she started writing the book.

“For a long time I had been captivated by the true story of the choreographer Kurt Jooss, who had to flee Germany in 1933 for refusing to dismiss his Jewish composer. So that is where I began – with a passionately anti-Nazi German dancer exiled in Holland and her young students.”

She read the first pages of the book to the rest of the group on the last night of the course and then spent an intense period of time researching and writing the novel.

Unfortunately The Green Table never made it as a book for teenagers and Tricia, who lives at Wirksworth, abandoned it for three years while she studied for an MA.

“I could never quite let go though,”she said.

“I had the notion that if I were to redraft it as a novel for adults there would be scope to go into greater depth with the material.”

With the help of Jan Fortune from Cinnamon Press she has now done just that and The Green Table will be published on September 22 and launched at The Portico Library in Manchester at 6.30pm. She will then be launching it in Wirksworth the following day at 6.30pm at 6 Thorntree Cottages, (off Cromford Road).

Tricia now concentrates on her writing and earns a living by teaching pilates and ballet.

“Writing The Green Table has been a fulfilling and absorbing task and has given me much joy. I learnt a great deal, both about my subject matter and the art of writing fiction. Along the way I’ve received insightful criticism from other writers that has helped me to see my work with more clarity,” she said.

Go to her website to find out more about the book.