Bard in the Barn

bard in the barnDerby Shakespeare Theatre Company are presenting Bard in the Barn – Henry IV Part 2 –  at Broomfield Hall Equestrian Centre, from July 22-25.

It is the city of London, at the turn of the 15th century. Join them at The Boar’s Head, Cheapside where rich and poor let down their hair, sing, drink and make merry together.

At the Royal Court, Henry IV is ill and weak. He has spent his reign fighting plots and revolts. He is tired but cannot sleep; ready to die but fears for his future kingdom.

Now is the time for his eldest son, Prince Hal, to leave his idle life and prepare to take the Crown. But Hal is an irresolute youth more interested in drinking than ruling. Will the reigning Royals fall to the rebels or will the future King Henry V find his true destiny? Box Office 07951 940031