Past Lives Project finale for Derby

st AlkmundsFreeFall Arts, the team behind The Past Lives Project will be staging one of their finale events in Derby in June.

The project, which was featured in artsbeat when it first got underway in 2013, has been working with QUAD and the people of Derby since last October to create a film from home movie footage featuring everyday lives of local people.

This charming and poignant film, shot in and around Derby from the 1930s-1970s,  will take the audience on a journey through the city’s past, set to a live musical score from internationally renowned musicians, working with members of Sinfonia Viva and young musicians.

It features footage taken by the late Bernard Wood of the demolition of St Alkmunds Church to make way for the ring road (pictured above).

The Past Lives Project, which has already been to Bolsover, Nottingham and Mansfield, will be moving on to Buxton next.

“Buxton is our Grand Finale in the Derbyshire region,” said Dave Sturt, one of the four people who make up FreeFall Arts.

“We’re working with Buxton Museum to call out for cine film, photos and memories of everyday past lives in the region.

“Through the project we will digitise, and edit them into a new film of Buxton.

“We’re also looking for music colleges and history groups to work with.”

If you have cine film of the region, or want to take part get in touch, at info@pastlives_email. The Derby finale is on June 13 at 2pm at QUAD.

After the performance there will be a Reminiscence Vintage cafe to give people a chance to talk about their memories.