Glossop photographer creates costume

NATURES DAUGHTER 3cThis amazingly beautiful picture is made all the more impressive when you are told that the costume was painstakingly created by the photographer behind the camera.

Shirley Winterbottom, who is a member of Glossop Camera Club, had the vision of how she wanted the photograph to look in her head but didn’t have the resources to hire a dressmaker, so she set about making it herself.

“I wanted to try to create a beautiful picture which would be uplifting and magical and have an effect on you emotionally.

“I scribbled an idea down on a piece of paper one day and thought I would have a go at making my own costume on a budget. I bought a cheap dress from a market stall and collected bits and pieces on my travels that I thought would be useful.

“Once the dress started to grow it seemed to take on a life of its own. It began to look like the vision I had scrawled on that bit of paper, and with every flower placed, every leaf attached my determination to finish what I had started flourished.

“Making this dress has been one of the most satisfying things I have ever done and it has given me a lot of pleasure,” she said.

Shirley, who lives at Broadbottom, near Hyde, also entered the dress in the 3D design class in her village show’s art competition where it won first prize.

“It created quite a lot of interest with people asking me how I had done it and I was really quite thrilled,” she said.

For the photograph Shirley enlisted the help of make up artist Siobhan Northfield and hairdresser Jess Hill, from Salon at 38 in Hadfield to transform model Kirsty Whitelegg into her vision.

The photographer says she has always been creative but only took up the hobby about five years ago once her children were grown up. She says her main inspiration comes from the work of photographer Kirsty Mitchell who is her idol.

“I just love her work and this picture is definitely inspired by what she does,” said Shirley.

Go to Shirley’s website to see more of her work.