Nature Gallery inspires creativity

3%20PansiesAs part of a project for the newly opening Nature Gallery at Derby Musuem, people have been sending their recordings of nature sounds via Soundcloud and adding them to a Sound Map of Derbyshire.

This activity led to a very special donation to the museum by an anonymous donor – an old vinyl record of a Nightingale singing somewhere in Ticknall in 1949.

This recording of a nightingale song has inspired composer Richard J Birkin to create a musical installation for the gallery.

“When I first put the needle down on the shellac, it felt like opening a box that’d been closed for 60 years,” he said.

The permanent sound installation composed by Birkin and titled Aves, will be played in the new nature gallery in 6.0 surround sound at certain times of day, enveloping the gallery in music. You can listen to the music by scanning the QR code below.

The Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Derby Cathedral Centre is also supporting the new gallery with an exhibition called Nature’s World which includes some exquisite 19th century ceramics decorated with flowers by Derby china artists and a selection of delicate watercolours of plants by local artist Cheryl Wilbraham pictured top.

The exhibition continues until June 30.