Wirksworth mural makes a statement

AIRR%20Clothing_shop_mural_image_1AIRR Clothing, an ethical and sustainable clothing boutique, in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, have gone to great lengths to support their ethical views by having a large mural, representing ‘fighting for freedom in the workplace’ hand painted onto the side of their boutique.

The mural has been painted in homage to Fashion Revolution Day which takes place this Friday, April 24.

Ayesha Bell, managing partner of AIRR Clothing, has a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion and believes that we all have a responsibility to ensure that the catastrophe which happened in 2013 when a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed with the deaths of 1133 workers and leaving 2500 people injured.  Ayesha wants do whatever she can to ensure this doesn’t ever happen again.

Ayesha said: “The true cost of fashion can be terrifying; the clothes available on our high streets have often been produced through some form of exploitation, either the environment or workers or both suffer in some way.

“Fashion Revolution Day is a call to arms in response to the 1133 people who died in the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013.

“It shocked me after sharing a few conversations with different groups of people, how still two years later, they were not aware of the Rana Plaza disaster, nor Fashion Revolution Day and even unaware of the horrendous complacency within the fashion industry and our high streets.

“This lead to a discussion over dinner with my family one evening, how we can get people to support Fashion Revolution Day understand the problems caused by companies pushing for ever lower manufacturing costs. We need to get more people to understand and support this call to change.

“From this discussion came the brilliant idea to paint our building. We are fortunate to have a large double sided building in the centre of the Market Place in Wirksworth.  Essentially, a large blank canvas, waiting for some spray cans, a ladder and a message to spread.”

Fashion Revolution Day marks the second anniversary of the disaster and hopes to raise as much awareness as possible with its #whomademyclothes social media campaign on their Twitter page @Fash_Rev, encouraging fashion lovers to wear their clothes inside out for the day to show where the garments are from.

Megan Russell, artist of the impressive mural, said: “the mural focuses on the beginning processes within the fashion industry that the cotton farming industry is growing and striving towards being fair especially since Fashion Revolution Day.  This is represented by the text growing from the cotton illustrated with hands holding organic as a choice.  Ultimately this piece will represent fighting for freedom within the workplace.”

AIRR Clothing is at 2a Market Place, Wirksworth, and is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm. To read more about AIRR Clothing or to take a look around their online shop, visit http://www.airrclothing.co.uk. You can also keep up to date with the weekly AIRR Clothing blog at airrclothingblog.com