By Betty teapots in hot demand

_DSC0028The Brown Betty teapot is a design classic that in the Victorian era no self-respecting home would have been without.

That was a couple of centuries back and today we have a new kid on the block. The ByBetty Teapot is anything but functional but what’s the betting many a home will have one soon?

The intriguing textile creations are by 18-year-old Betty Thorley who, although still studying at the University of Derby, is already finding her work in hot demand.

A year ago she was working on her final major presentation for her art and design course at Burton and South Derbyshire College, the topic was Afternoon Tea. Cue the imaginative teapots.

The work so delighted everyone who saw it that she achieved a distinction, won The Fashion and Textile Award with an exhibition at the Whynot Gallery as a prize and had the honour of making gifts for Japanese VIPs from Toyota visiting her college.

All that has enabled the teenager to achieve her dream much earlier than most of us.

“One thing I have always wanted to do is set up my own business and there seemed no point in leaving it any longer so I am officially a sole trader and loving it,” she says with enthusiasm.

The unique teapots are wire sculptures on to which she has woven wool, her own fabrics, buttons and beads.

“Every one has its own characteristics and I can even make them to order to suit particular requests or colour schemes.

“I don’t like things that are too perfect or mass produced – I consider my work to be expressionist and I hope that people find them aesthetically beautiful.”

Betty is marketing the teapots via social media and is on the look out for galleries where she can exhibit, but it seems that anyone who sees them can’t resist picking them up and admiring them.

“The teapots are certainly very popular but it is not all I am planning to do. I also made a selection of Christmas decorations in the same style and I like a challenge so if anyone has anything they would like making I can always give it a go.”

Go to for contact details and follow her ByBetty facebook page to see what’s new.