Alexandra returns to Opera House

High%20Res%20PosterSwansea City Opera is returning to the Buxton Opera House, Buxton in a celebration of its tenth anniversary, with a rare production of Charles Gounod’s acclaimed and beloved opera, Faust.

Starring in Faust as Siebel will be Alexandra Cassidy who will be making a triumphant return to the Buxton Opera House stage after having performed her first ever solo on the same stage when she was 12 years old as part of a Christmas concert.

Alexandra will return to Buxton as a professional when Faust arrives on March 18. Cassidy has also performed on stage in Buxton when she won Sainsbury’s choir of the year with Cantamus Choir.

Alexandra has previously performed as a soloist with a wide range of ensembles, notably Welsh National Opera Orchestra, Scottish Opera Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

She is delighted to be returning to the Buxton Opera House with Faust and said: “Singing on the same stage I began singing is a real privilege, it really will be a very special moment and the highlight of the tour for me.”

As part of this year’s tour Swansea City Opera is involving local choirs throughout the country in the performance of Faust.

On Working with Swansea City Opera, choir director Lisa Tulk said: “We’re delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Swansea City Opera, I know that only a few in the choir have ever sang opera before so this is a chance of a lifetime for them.”

Sung in English, this dark Gothic tale follows the fortunes of Faust, who weary of life, is contemplating suicide when he encounters Méphistophélès (the Devil).

Faust agrees to exchange his soul for eternal youth and the fulfilment of his hedonistic wishes.

The resulting journey balances romance and temptation; and is widely regarded as a magical and tuneful masterpiece, based on Goethe’s dramatic poem Faust, one of the great works of European Literature.

This production is set in the Victorian Gothic era and accompanied by chamber orchestra.

Faust contains many well-known musical highlights including The Jewel Song and the Soldiers Chorus, which will be performed by some of the finest singers and orchestral players in the country. This is rare opportunity to see Gounod’s finest work, regarded by many as a master class in operatic dramatic structure.

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