The end comes first for Gregory

TM%20coverThe characters in Gregory Heath’s stories are often at the point of crisis. Quite a lot of them revolve around alcohol abuse and despair.

He’s not exactly sure why but what he does know is that it works for him and it is bringing him recognition as a novelist, short story writer and poet.

Gregory, who lives at Woodhouses near Melbourne, is currently working on a collection of 25 short stories and he says if his publishers Open Books get their way it will be out later this year.

The 47-year-old author quit his lecturing job of the last 14 years  last September so he could finally concentrate a bit more on writing.

“I am still working during the day but it is a job from which I can switch off in the evenings and then write. It is the most productive I have been for many years and once these short stories are finished I want to concentrate on a third novel,” he said.

Gregory has already published two novels, his first was The Entire Animal and his second Thoughts of Maria came out in February 2013.

It tells the story of Gerry who is looking for a second chance at love after his wife left him for another man.

As he combs the web looking for the perfect mail order bride he discovers nineteen-year-old Maria who lives a life of abject poverty and desperation on the infamous Payatas dump in Manila. Neither expects perfect marital bliss but trouble lurks around the corner in the shape of Gerry’s drug addict son and his ex-wife.

“For my third novel I may go back to something I have already half written and left, but I haven’t really decided yet. I find that if I know how it ends I can make the rest of it work. It is that bit that I haven’t got in my head at the moment.
“I enjoy short story writing but it is as a novelist that I want to progress so my next project is going to be an important one for me.”

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