Lucy’s short cut to career in film

OO9A4419If you are a fledgling filmmaker then what you want more than anything else is to see your work on the big screen.

Outside London that’s a dream few can turn into reality – but not if you live in Derbyshire thanks to QUAD and community group Five Lamps Films run by Carl Bryan and Sam Jordan.

Every couple of months there is a screening of short films at QUAD organised by the pair of film fanatics for their fellow enthusiasts. Afterwards there is time for networking and discussion.

The city is consequently a magnet for bright filmmaking talent and among those is 17-year-old Lucy Young, pictured right, a student at Woodlands School in Allestree.

The teenager has an admirable determination to succeed and a very mature approach to her work.

What is really amazing is that she has only been producing short films for a year, but once bitten by the bug she couldn’t stop.

“I am making short films like it’s part of my respiratory system,” she says.

“I have been writing since I was very young and had an interest in photography for a while but a year ago I sort of combined them and started making films.

Like many young people today Lucy has a fascination for horror and most of her work has a sinister storyline with a dark side, but she insists she really isn’t into gore.

“It is the suspense I enjoy – it is much more of a challenge to create.

“I am fascinated by the light, sound and atmosphere I can create and thanks to the feedback I am getting from my friends, family and the wonderful Five Lamps Films I have been able to improve my filmmaking capabilities this year.

“I am becoming more confident in what I am doing with the stories. It is all about practice and it is fantastic to be able to see how the audience reacts to what you have made.”

Lucy has set herself up on facebook and flickr with the name Viedelamort (French for Life of Death) and earlier this year she set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and successfully raised more than £1,000 online to pay for what she describes as this year’s major short film project – Life In a Box.

“It is still a short film but I refer to it as major because it is more complicated than normal as it involved bringing together cast, crew and extras. It wasn’t just myself and a few friends,” explained Lucy.

The film is about a young man called Freddie who believes he is trapped in a television. Not just a show but in the actual television. He is confused by what is true reality and his life that is being shaped by films and shows in our technology led world.

“I was really pleased that my fundraising campaign received so much support and it was a terrific experience making the film,” said Lucy.

It is hoped the film will be screened at QUAD early in the new year.

Lucy takes inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and says like him she wants to be able to write, direct, shoot and act in her films.

She has a wise head on her shoulders and although she is pretty certain filmmaking is her future she doesn’t want to be forced into doing it because she has narrowed her options to a vocational degree, so after her A levels she plans to study psychology at university.

She’s thought it through carefully though and she smiles as she says her subject choice is still linked to her passion.

“Psychology will help me understand the minds of my characters. I will be able to study the behaviour and mental make up of different types of people and of course it will also help me understand the audience. I really do want to be involved in all aspects of film but I am keeping my options open for now.”

To find out more about the short film screenings go to, 

You can watch Robin, one of Lucy’s short films here.