Season of Adventure at QUAD

quad 4Inspired by the spirit of discovery and celebrating the pioneers who break new ground through science, exploration and new technologies, QUAD’s  new Season of Adventure includes exhibitions, digital experimentation, talks, events, film screenings and educational activities that journey into the art of exploration.

The programme of talks covers the realms of science and adventure which link to themes in the exhibitions. The two exhibitions on display are 80ºN in QUAD Gallery and Movement and Perception in QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces.

80ºN by Gibson/Martelli features ideas of voyaging and Polar exploration, through immersive artworks utilising ground-breaking technology that literally and virtually points the viewer North, beyond the 80th parallel.In its attention to the expansive frozen lands and seas of ice, the exhibition contemplates the overwhelming might of nature, its beauty and its vulnerability.

Through human endeavor and scientific enquiry the planet has been conquered, all discovered – the Pole was reached over a century ago and now cruise ships navigate the North West Passage, tourism replacing exploration.

Drawing from heroic exploits and classical representations of the natural world, Gibson/Martelli invite the viewer to contemplate the Arctic from a first-person perspective.

Employing immersive techniques from virtual reality and video games, the viewer’s panoramic gaze is transformed by individual agency. In these spaces science and fiction merge, addressing the position of the self in relation to nature and technology – imagined and experienced views of place where invention and memory collide.

80ºN Artists Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli will be in conversation with Fieldgate Gallery curator Richard Ducker in QUAD Gallery on Thursday January 22 from 7pm, the talk is free to attend.
Movement and Perception comprises work by Crop Up Gallery, a student-run curatorial team based at the University of Nottingham.

The exhibition includes work by artists: Kylie Benjamin, Rob Burton, GÂST, Steven Ingman, Flora Kay, Melissa Sheffield, Pierce Starre and Ned Wilson.

Taking their enterprising spirit out of their home city, the team has created a project that celebrates the Midlands through both its artists and subject matter. Movement and Perception is an exhibition that holds indeterminacy at its heart, with Crop Up providing each artist with a set of coordinates on a map and an open invitation to explore that area.

The artworks on display present each artist’s reaction to their own journey, as this show examines our ability to map the world around us, venture through it and describe that experience.
Crop Up Gallery will host a discussion about Movement and Perception, with Crop Up director Elisabeth Sillince and member Aaron Shaw, two artists who are presenting work in the exhibition and Michael Sargeant of QUAD.

The talk will cover the project conception, Crop Up’s curatorial process and the artists’ experiences of exploration to produce new work. Crop Up Panel Discussion: Movement and Perception takes place in QUAD on Wednesday January 28 from 7pm, the talk is free to attend.

Other guest talks as part of the season include astronomer Anthony Southwell, Belper-based explorer Nigel Vardy, researcher Richard Wetzel, US academic and author Alison Byerly and acclaimed author and psycho-geographer Iain Sinclair.

Anthony, from the Derby and District Astronomical Society, will be talking about interstellar travel. A favourite topic and plot device in many science fiction stories, and with the release of the new film Interstellar, the subject has been given a more scientific portrayal. But how likely is Interstellar Travel? Is it possible? Can the distances between the stars be traversed?

He will answer these questions and others in  To Boldly Go: The Science of Interstellar Travel: which takes place on Saturday January 10 from 7pm and the cost is £3.

Nigel will give a talk entitled Over The Horizon. He has adventured and mountaineered across the globe for more than 20 years. Known predominantly for his high altitude exploits and severe frostbite injuries, Nigel has also hacked through dense rainforests, carried out challenging relief work and lived in remote communities.  Regardless of the country or climate, Nigel has a thirst to experience whatever is Over the Horizon. This talk takes place on Wednesday January 21 from 7pm and the cost is £5.

Richard discusses his research into mixed reality games that combine the digital with real world environments. Playing with Reality with Richard Wetzel takes place on Thursday January 8 7pm the talk is free.

Alison will discuss her research into Victorian literature, digital humanities, technology and the liberal arts. Her talk takes place on Monday January 19, 7pm the cost is £3.

Iain will ventures into the territory of lost cinemas and fugitive expeditions through the badlands. He travels on swan pedalos, with foot-foundered companions, through time and place to find the magical point where one story ends and the next begins. Iain Sinclair: Water Walks, Celluloid Reveries, Tarmac Hallucinations takes place on Wednesday February 4 from 7pm and the cost is £5.

QUAD curator Peter Bonnell will also be holding free exhibitions tours every Friday during the exhibition from 12 noon, there is no need to book, just turn up at the reception.

In the cinemas The Epic Of Everest will also screening for A Season of Adventure. Filmed in 1924 in brutally harsh conditions with a hand cranked camera, the film captures images of breathtaking beauty and considerable historic significance. Fully restored and with a newly commissioned score by Simon Fisher Turner.

80ºN by Gibson/Martelli and Movement and Perception are on display until February 8. For more information please see: