Tony Fisher exhibition at Ilkeston

greenmanAn exhibition  by Tony Fisher entitled Transitions  is taking place at The King George Gallery, Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, Ilkeston from  November 19 to December 5 .

Tony has lived and worked in the East Midlands for more than 40 years and captures the unexpected in everyday life through his photography. In some cases, the images Tony captures can be mistaken for paintings due to his expert use of vibrant and rich colours.

Tony uses his personal experiences to grapple with a range of topics such as global warming, provision for the elderly and people with disabilities through his richly coloured and compelling images.

His previous work has been showcased at a number of high profile exhibitions in Nottingham, Wakefield, Derby, Leeds and Enniskillen and last week he joined three other UK artists for a show at The Troubadour on Old Brompton Road in London – which has achieved critical acclaim. Tony has also recently received an Arts Council England (ACE) grant to experiment with is work and create a new display.

Despite suffering severe mental health problems for the past 17 years, following the sudden death of his parents, and the subsequent loss of his wife to motor neurone disease, Tony continues to capture beautiful images through the art of photography.

Tony said: “I am very proud to be able to showcase my latest work with others at the forthcoming exhibition at the King George Gallery. My Transitions exhibition draws from my archives of the past 45 years to the here and now.  The still images transcend into new meanings, exploring the links between spaces like a Mobius strip of time, rearranged into the movie of your choice. References gazing through windows and palettes of colour that you, the viewer, can mix in your mind. Moments in time frozen, and movement in the stillness.

“None of my photographs are digitally manipulated and are a representation of what I see in life. My photographs capture the moment of life, many are quirky and humorous, emotional, abstract, and intense but all have a relevant and significant meaning,” added Tony.

Anna Reid, curator at The Pavilion in Leeds added: “What I love in Tony Fisher’s photographs is that they take the everyday moment and fashion it into something whimsical and comfortingly beautiful. Be it a reflection in the window of a passing train, a half-empty shelf in a corner shop or a dog attempting to escape from its lead, the artist invests a vibrancy and a drama.”

A closing celebration will be taking place on December 2 and visitors will be treated to tea and cakes. The exhibition is normally open from 4.30pm- 6.30pm or by appointment.