Great War letters on Twitter

Flanders fieldsReal life experiences from the First World War trenches are being tweeted by Derbyshire County Council’s archives and libraries team as part of a series of events to mark the conflict.

The content of the tweets come from the letters and diaries of Derbyshire soldiers who served during the war and which are held in the archives at our fanastic Record Office in Matlock.

The council’s deputy cabinet member for health and communities Cllr Ellie Wilcox said: “These tweets are fascinating voices from the past.

“You get insights into the horror of the war but also learn about the camaraderie amongst the soldiers.

“They tell of the mud and the rain in the trenches, the times of frantic fighting and other times when all was quiet.

“You can also read how the soldiers felt about the enemy and how some days they made good progress only to be forced back shortly afterwards.

“Following these posts day by day really brings to life what the war was like for those Derbyshire men and their fellow soldiers.”

The tweets are posted every day and can be followed at @soldierFWW

Images used to illustrate the posts come from the website which celebrates the area’s photographic heritage at 

If you are interested in this you may also like to read a blog based on newspaper reports about the war which appeared in the Ashbourne News Telegraph.

These are also being sourced from our archives at the Matlock record office go to