Pixalum launched by New Mills craftsman

BanglesAs materials leather and aluminium couldn’t be much further apart, but for craftsman Simon Brough they are the two mediums to which he has devoted his working life.

When he first set himself up in business he was making beautiful leather bags enhanced by his personal designs.

However seven years ago he decided he wanted to try out some alternative ideas with his artwork and began experimenting with different materials and it was aluminium that came up trumps for him.

“I wanted to work with a material which would give me something which looked simple and modern yet would combine with the intricacy of my patterning to make something beautiful,” he explained.

The metal was the perfect choice and, although at first he was considering creating wall designs, he has launched online a range of jewellery and clocks called Pixalum.

“It came about more or less by accident really. I started working on designs in miniature form and then my wife Louise and I suddenly thought that they would look fantastic as a pendant.

“Once we had the idea we started working on new designs and now we have quite a range of bangles, pendants and earrings as well as the clocks,” he added.

Simon and Louise, who live at New Mills, have a shared passion for strong colour and they are both inspired by natural forms and shapes. It is these elements that find themselves in the designs Simon transfers to metal.

“We are also both passionate about attention to detail and are determined to produce well-crafted objects. This launch has been a long time in the planning and preparation,” said Louise who takes care of the business side of the partnership.

“Simon is the creative one but I have a background in sales and together we are hoping to make Pixalum a huge success,” she said.

The couple moved to New Mills from Brighton seven years ago because of their love for the Peak District hills and fresh air and also because the town has brilliant connections to Manchester and Sheffield.

“New Mills is an absolutely wonderful place to live. It is a little place with a big voice.

“It is really buzzing and there is a thriving artistic community as well as some great shops. We really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and we are thrilled that we are launching this business here,” said Louise.

http://www.Pixalum.com will be their main focus in the next few months but eventually they hope to have their jewellery available in galleries and they will also be promoting themselves at fairs and shows.

Go to http://www.Pixalum.com to find out more.