Gavin searches out lost pubs of Wirksworth

poster%202He might live in Yorkshire now but Gavin Repton is still a familiar face in his home town of Wirksworth – that is if you can see his face because normally he has it hidden behind a video camera.

The freelance film-maker’s heart still belongs to the town where he grew up and he jumps at the chance to make films about it if he can. That has led him to be a great supporter of the annual festival and of course the town’s own Northern Light cinema.

So you’ve probably guessed what I am going to say next – yes of course – a documentary film by Gavin, The Lost Pubs of Wirksworth, is being screened at the cinema as part of the festival on September 12 and 17.

A strong fascination with the history of his town and an ability to remember snippets of stories he has heard during his 29 years means that Gavin was already armed with a fair amount of information when he started work on the project.

Add to that his love for talking to people and willingness to go anywhere to get the best shots, then this film is going to be a sure-fire hit.

“You pick up on things as you grow up that you don’t realise will have significance later.

“They are just things you have always known but they have helped me research this film and find out more than I expected.

“I am the sort of person who is fine having one day off but if I have two days with nothing to do then I have to find something to occupy me.

“I have always known there were lots of pubs in Wirksworth once upon a time because there is a list of all of those which once existed on the wall of the Royal Oak in North End.

“While at a loose end one day I decided tracking them down and finding out what had happened to the buildings would be an interesting subject for a film.

“Once I started knocking on doors people started feeding me bits and bobs of information and I started putting them all together.”

The project has seen him rummaging about in cellars, down old toilets (yes you read that right) and sifting through vast collections of old photographs.

“It really has been quite an exciting project and I have thoroughly enjoyed making it. I am really looking forward to the film being screened,” said Gavin.

For tickets to see the film go to the cinema’s website or pop in when it is open.

You can see a preview of the film in the video below.