Enter Belper Arts Festival photography contest

Beach%20in%20Brittany1As his exhibition deadline looms ever nearer photographer Roger Morgan is wondering why he volunteered to take part in the 2014 Belper Arts Festival.

The answer is of course that he is the sort of man who doesn’t like to be sitting still; he’s always up for a new challenge and most of all he loves getting involved with community events.

Roger is definitely a man who can’t say no, so when the organiser of the arts section of the month-long festival suggested a photographic exhibition he was champing at the bit.

He knew just what he wanted to do and that was exhibit his work using a technique he has been honing for the last couple of years – pictures taken at night. He wants to keep the eerily dramatic shots a secret until they are unveiled at the exhibition in the Old School House, Chapel Street, in May so there are none on these pages but you can see examples of his other fine art work.

These landscape photographs have a feel of a watercolour painting about them and Roger says that is his intention.

“I’ve always been into photography in an arty way and not a gear sort of way really. I have far more interested in the picture taken than how it has been taken and what with,” he said.

The Teessider moved to Belper when he got married “donkeys years ago” as he put it and having been to art college and taken a liking to photography eventually got a job with the Adrian Heapy Photography. About ten years ago he says he was tempted to go it alone and set his own studio Coach House Photography in Derby.

His day job, which he loves, is taking family portraits but in his spare time he doesn’t miss a chance to be out experimenting with his fine art photography and landscapes.

“That side of my work is only just beginning to take off and I am really thrilled with the way it is going,” he said.

“I started working on this technique (he calls it Morganescence) two years ago and the initial culmination of my efforts is going to be this exhibition in May.

“There will be about 25 prints and there will also be projections of set to music in a separate room.”

Another string to Roger’s bow is that he is also a musician and he is planning to produce the soundtrack himself. And as if he hasn’t got enough to do organising the exhibition for the festival Roger is also staging a special competition for the community at large.

Unseen Belper is open to any amateur photographers with a camera even if it is just on their phone.

No experience is necessary all you need is a bit of imagination and the gumption to go out and explore Belper and capture its people and places from an unusual angle.

What Roger wants to see are lots of quirky and interesting entries.

“I want people to look at Belper in a new way, with fresh eyes, searching out unusual places or photographing using unusual angles or reflections.”

To enter you need to print your best picture 10in x 8in and mount it on card so it has a one-inch border and then submit it to The Cherry Orchard Gallery, Market Place, Belper, by April 1.

The gallery is offering a print mount service for the competition. The best entries will be displayed at The Old School House at the the festival at the beginning of May. There is a £5 entry fee.

For more details go to http://www.belperartsfestival.org.

For more details about Roger’s work go to http://www.coachhousephotos.co.uk or http://www.rogermorgan.co.uk or http://www.www.morganarts.co.uk