Could you be the 2014 Peak District Artisan’s winner?

Georgia Hrubiak SewingCMYKInstead of drawing with pencils or charcoal Georgia Hrubiak uses a sewing machine.

She is just as free flowing with her outlines as any other artist and her images take shape just as quickly – the only difference is she is quite a lot noisier than her peers.

In fact she is looking for an understanding life drawing session that will put up with the hum of her machine having been asked to leave her last one for disturbing the rest of the class.

“I understand what they mean, it is a bit noisy, but I would really love to be able to get back to doing some life drawing if I could,” said Georgia with a bright smile.

The Matlock artist is just 22 but already she is making a name for herself in Derbyshire art circles. So much so she was chosen as one of the runners up in the Peak District Artisans’ Young Artists of the Year competition in 2013.

It is an honour of which she is proud and she says the experience has taught her a lot and encouraged her to take her unusual work further.

“I was thrilled to have been shortlisted let alone win a prize. I really was pretty pleased to have done so well.

“The award meant that I was able to spend the weekend at the Artisans’ fair at the Dome in Buxton last summer and I gained a great deal from it.

“The main plus was having so many people see my artwork and being able to watch their reactions to it.

It is an event where you are surrounded by other artists and they were all so helpful.”

The young artist said Whaley Bridge painter Rob Wilson, who also includes stitching in his work, gave her a mountain of useful advice about how to advance her career.

Georgia studied art and textiles at GCSE and took A Levels but found university wasn’t for her and so she decided to go straight into a job while working on her art in the evenings.

With the help of an embroider’s hoop to hold a piece of mesh she draws her figures freehand with the machine and thread and then the pieces of material are expertly framed between two pieces of glass so they float in front of your eyes creating a shadow on the back of the frame.

It was with the help of artist and framer Chris Tkacz, of Little London Gallery she came up with the clever way of exhibiting her work.

“If I make a mistake I can’t do anything about it like I could  if I was using a pencil but I think the mistakes look kind of cool. I don’t like perfect art. I like the sort of rugged effect that using the machine produces,” said Georgia as she demonstrated what she can do.

The enchanting results are proving so popular she is receiving commissioned work and she obviously caught the eye of the artisans’ judges.

The two other winners of the award  – Alex Gabore and Alice Macqueen – have already appeared  in artsbeat (scroll down the special features tab to view) and so now we are featuring Georgia to help to raise awareness for the 2014 contest.

Competition organiser Suzanne Cannon said: “Over the last four years we have seen some amazing talent and wonderful results for our winners, from commissions and contracts to increased confidence making life changing decisions around their future careers.

“The competition is now in its fourth year and is really gathering momentum. We’re looking for up and coming artists that can demonstrate their unique insight and creative vision as well as skills with materials.”

 Your chance to win title

This year artsbeat magazine is pleased to be able to say it is the media partner of the Peak District Artisans’ Young Artist of the Year competition which is being sponsored by St John Gallery in Ashbourne and Turners Art Supplies.

The three winners will be given their own month-long exhibition at the Ashbourne Gallery as well as receiving £350 in prize money – a £200 first prize and £100 and £50 for the second and third placed artists. They will all also win a selection of art materials from Turners and be featured in artsbeat.

Submissions  from 16-25-year-olds are being invited now and the closing date is March 29 at 6pm.

The shortlist will be announced in April and the winners will be announced at the Great Dome Art Fair preview evening at Buxton on July 18.

For more details about how to enter and the technical requirements of the compeition go to