Footsteps video now available

James%20Artwork-1The video to go with James Oldrini’s latest album footsteps which was part of a mini global project that he launched  in June last year called Walk With Me, is now ready to be viewed. (see below)

“There’s a simple concept behind the idea. Music is a universal language and no matter who you are or where you’re from in the world, we all understand it,” explained James.

“Music has the emotive power to bring people together and to represent who we are and trigger the way we feel, and this goes for all types of music across the globe! So I thought, why not try and represent this idea through music, and the ‘Walk With Me’ project was born!

“The music I composed for release represented the core reason for bringing people together, and the individual people across the world that took part would represent themselves.

“I put the word out to all who follow me on social media to film their own personal footsteps in their own location by following an example I filmed myself. We were then able to join these clips together, so every time the camera pans up from the individual’s footsteps, we are taken to a different location across the world – a truly global project.

“It didn’t matter about the quality of someone’s filming or what camera/smart phone they used, it’s the fact that they were taking part and representing who they are and where they’re from.

“The editing of the final music video brought all the clips together and conveys the idea of walking together, as one. This really made me stop and think. My footsteps are no different to Yui’s in Japan or Najwa’s in Beirut and I think the project brings an even stronger message to reality.”

James thanks all  who took part in the  project; videographer James Reader; artist and designer Robyn Poundall for creating the cover design and Lord and Lady Fenton of Kilburn Hall for the use of their home for the video shoot.

There is a review of the album in the December/January issue of artsbeat which is also on this site under reviews.