New York playwright wins Belper prize

belper arts festival logoA playwright from New York has won Belper’s Short Play Competition 2014.

John Doble’s A Serious Person was chosen by the judges from more than 70 entries.

George Gunby, the competition’s organiser and the co-ordinator of The Belper Arts Festival, described the play as “a man meets an energetic woman with outlandish opinions about everything under the sun including evolution.”

“The overall standard was very good and A Serious Person is a worthy winner. It will be featured during the Belper Arts Festival in May and we hope John will be able to join us,” said George.

John Doble, who lives in Manhattan, has had several plays performed in New York theatres and at Festivals but it is possible he doesn’t yet know of his success in Derbyshire.

“Although he has been notified by email, it’s not been possible to contact John yet but I think it’s safe to say he’ll be a very happy when we do chat,” added George.