Movies by new film makers at QUAD

IMG_9215Three aspiring film makers will be premiering their latest short films in Derby this weekend as part of an initiative by QUAD.

Brothers Adam and Joe Horton are behind Get Some – a post apocalyptic action satire that stars John Hannah. pictured right, famous for Rebus, The Mummy and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

And James Sharpe has produced Fibs an intriguing drama which explores the difficulties of growing up.

QUAD Shorts was initially set up four years ago with the aim of supporting and developing the work of film makers in the East Midlands and helping them pursue a professional career.

The Horton brothers were among the five winners in the first commission with a film called This Side Of The After Life.

The latest commission, QUAD Shorts 2, was launched in 2011 and since then the film makers who made it onto the shortlist of successful submissions have been receiving support with script development and project mentoring.

They have been working alongside a producer provided by the scheme and the films being shown at the premiere at QUAD on December 7 are the result of months of hard work.

Keith Jeffrey, QUAD chief executive said: “QUAD Shorts nurtures talented film makers in the region who could be the film makers of tomorrow.

“It is difficult to get on the ladder in the film industry and this scheme gives them a platform to raise their ambitions.

“Film making is essentially a collaborative process and the help that this scheme gives them with the commissioning process – a difficult stage to get through – is invaluable. For us it is also a good way of spotting future talent.”

The films they have produced, which are between five and ten minutes long, will hopefully later be shown at festivals on the international arena and will catch the attention of film industry chiefs.

The Horton brothers’ Get Some also stars Anna Skellern, of Gambit and Outnumbered and Warren Brown of Hollyoaks and Luther.

It features Hunter Smith – TVs biggest celebrity adventurer and survival expert and his long suffering crew as they venture into the wild to hunt, film and annihilate the dreaded Outsiders – mutated survivors of a global pandemic that turned those infected into mindless, man-eating savages.

James Sharpe’s film stars Samantha White, who appeared in Simon Pegg’s World’s End, Patrick Hurd Wood, of the murder drama Blood and Guy Oberlander.

The premiere is free and starts at 6pm.

The QUAD project has been supported with funding by Creative England and Esmé Fairburn Ltd, but Keith fears that this may be the last time Shorts is staged as there is a question mark hanging over future funding.

“It is tough at the moment and we don’t know whether we will be able to continue with the scheme. Hopefully we will be able to do so,” he said.

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