Time capsule to be buried at QUAD

QUAD_coreLogo_processQUAD in Derby will be burying a time capsule in its walls as a finalé event of its current ‘Time-Travel season.

The QUAD time-capsule will be buried in a wall on its mezzanine level, complete with a plaque to mark the spot. The burying of the capsule and unveiling of the plaque will be marked by the Mayor of Derby, Fareed Hussain, at 5pm on Friday  November 29.

The capsule celebrates both the end of the Time-Travel season and QUAD’s fifth anniversary. The capsule will not be opened until the year 2018, when it will be unearthed from the walls, examined and then re-buried for a further five years.

The contents of the capsule will contain a number of special items – including a copy of the first ever cinema ticket bought at QUAD; images from QUAD’s numerous educational activities 3D printed images of staff and a copy of the Derby Telegraph from the day the capsule is buried.

There is still chance to see the two exhibitions as part of the QUAD’s Time-Travel season. Lindsay Seers: ‘Monocular4’ and ‘Event Horizon’ exhibitions are on display until December 1, both are free to visit.