Young artists to perform at festival

orange logoAs part of the Wirksworth Festival  several young local artists have been commissioned by Learning through Arts to produce a collaborative, creative piece of theatre.

This has produced the original dance installation performance, “Threadbare.” Original set design, choreography, music and poetry are brought together in a moving portrayal of the intricate journey life weaves around us: how people, places and experiences knit together to form a unique thread of existence.

Having also worked together as part of Bright In the Corner 2012, a project involving performers from the East Midlands and the South African township of Mamelodi, these young artists are emerging professionals in their chosen fields. A credit to Derbyshire, and a shining example of fresh new talent in the creative Arts, the team behind “Threadbare” have created a unique and exciting performance which is sure to be an unmissable event in this year’s festival.

Premiering in the festival’s “Up and Coming” weekend, “Threadbare” forms part of a dance double-bill which also features an innovative new venture from INdependDANCE, “The Romeo and Juliet Project”: an exploration of homophobic attitudes and bullying behaviours based on, and told alongside, the celebrated Shakespearean tale.

Wirksworth Festival’s Up and Coming weekend presents An Evening of Dance Theatre at 7.30pm on Saturday  September 21 at Wirksworth Town Hall.