Talking About Mothers exhibition at Banks Mill

Tracey-Kershaw-Memento-142x142ARTSBEAT ART: Talking about Mothers: Work in Progress is an early preview, exclusive to Banks Mill Studios in Derby, of an ongoing project by Nottingham artist Tracey Kershaw.

Tracey is currently undertaking a year-long residency awarded by the University of Nottingham’s Fine Art department, with the working title of ‘Tell me about your mother’. This has involved collecting stories, thoughts, memories and experiences from friends, students and other volunteers. Videoed interviews and discussions about their mothers are used to elicit ideas and source material for the work.

This exhibition contains a distillation of extracts and thoughts from these interviews, alongside images which reflect a more introspective viewpoint and draw on the artist’s personal experience.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to reminisce about their own mothers and will be able to contribute stories, memories and experiences to inform and strengthen this long term project. ‘Tell me about your mother’ aims to both celebrate and expose this most powerful yet often problematic relationship and is nurtured by this on going dialogue between artist and contributors.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the artist every Friday between 11am and 4pm, when Tracey will be present to discuss the work and answer any questions.

The exhibition runs from June 10-30 (Monday to Friday) in the Banks Mill Foyer.
For more details go to @TraceyKershaw1 or