Sons and Lovers centenary to be celebrated

dh lawrenceThe centenary of D.H. Lawrence’s classic work, Sons and Lovers, will be celebrated at the tenth annual D.H. Lawrence Festival in Nottinghamshire this September.

Originally published in 1913, Sons and Lovers is regarded as a masterpiece of literature, and one of Lawrence’s most significant achievements.

The author’s most autobiographical work, much of the book is set in Nottinghamshire around Lawrence’s hometown of Eastwood, and the story is a provocative tale of working-class mining life.

Eastwood is home to D.H. Lawrence incorporating the D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre and the D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, which is the home in which he was born and lived part of his life, as well as a number of other important buildings related to Lawrence’s life.

The D.H. Lawrence Festival will take place in Eastwood from September 6-21, providing a unique opportunity to see, enjoy and absorb the settings of Sons and Lovers.

The festival will have a full programme of more than 50 events, including an exhibition examining the real people and places which inspired Lawrence’s well-known novel, a special screening of the 1960 Sons and Lovers film, street theatre performances and a vintage weekend.

The central weekend of the festival,  September 13-15, will be the highlight of the two-week period, with a large array of activities to appeal to literary buffs, families and everyone in-between.

The D.H. Lawrence Festival is an annual fixture on Nottinghamshire’s event calendar, and celebrates the life and works of the writer.

Patrons of the festival include actor Robert Lindsay, actress Lynda Baron, screenwriter William Ivory and Professor Christopher Miles, who gave Sir Ian McKellan his first film role as D.H. Lawrence in the 1981 film The Priest of Love.

Considered to be one of the best 100 books of the 20th Century, Sons and Lovers tells the story of a young artist, Paul Morel, who tries to define himself sexually and emotionally through relationships with two women, Miriam Leivers and Clara Dawes, in defiance of the smothering nature of his mother’s affections.

Eastwood is located on the outskirts of Nottingham, and visitors can also enjoy the Blue Line Trail while here, which is a walking tour taking in many significant Lawrence sites.

The Sun Inn features in Sons and Lovers and offers accommodation within walking distance of the D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre and Birthplace Museum.