Alien lands in London

Alien%20%284%29-1ARTSBEAT ART: A striking sculpture by David Breuer Weil has been lifted by crane into Grosvenor Gardens over the weekend ready for the Monday morning rush hour.

The artist is most famous for his work at Chatsworth House titled The Visitor and his latest piece is a huge Alien which has smashed into the earth head first just yards from the back of the Buckingham Palace Gardens.

The sculpture is part of Westminster City Council’s ongoing City of Sculpture initiative which aims to bring top class art onto the streets of the city for everyone to enjoy.

Mr Breuer Weil said: “Alien is an invasion into London. Grosvenor Gardens is named after the great landowning Grosvenor Family and the site is very close to Buckingham Palace. I love the idea of the shock of an alien landing in the heart of London and taking everybody by surprise.

“Every new work of art should be like an alien landing, something sudden and unexpected. It is a very passionate piece of sculpting, with huge enlarged fingerprints. I have this idea that extra-terrestrials are completely human, maybe just different in scale, as is the case with my sculpture, which is five times the size of an ordinary person, but very human otherwise.

“The work is also has a personal story. My grandfather was a refugee from Vienna and fled after the Nazis took over there in 1938. He landed in England very suddenly, but found he was labeled an ‘Enemy Alien’ when he arrived here.  He always discussed the tragedy of being considered an alien in his new home. I wrote his name Ernst on the sculpture in huge letters, and the sculpture is more about our sense of belonging than any SCI FI theme, but both ideas are present.”

Cllr Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City Council, said: “2013 marks another exciting year for our ongoing City of Sculpture initiative – and we hope this new sculpture will cause debate and discussion.It isn’t everyday that an Alien lands in London.”