Exhibition keeps a track of time

Poster_02aTwelve Moons and a Sun, an exhibition of new paintings, photographs and poems by Chris Gilbert and Diana Syder, is being staged at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery from April 23 to June 12.

Time’s slippery. ‘How fast this month has gone’, we say, or ‘Didn’t the winter drag?’.

It’s certainly not easy to live in the present as we dash between appointments.

Climate change, central heating and street lighting make it hard to connect to natural rhythms.

In addition, commerce and marketing pull the year out of sync by insisting we pay attention to Christmas when leaves are still on the trees or that we book our summer holidays and buy easter eggs before we’ve put the fairy lights away.

That’s why photographer Chris Gilbert and artist/poet Diana Syder turned to the solstices, equinoxes, and other astronomical events of 2012, in order to re-set their inner clocks.

They have made new photographs and paintings to mark these cardinal points. Still life in orbit, disappearing hares and everlasting picnics are just some of the intriguing pieces to come out of this year round experiment.

“Most of us are barely aware of the astronomical events that shape our year, despite the fact that Derbyshire sits in a landscape rich with references to celestial events such as Arbor Low, the Bull Ring at Dove Holes and Five Wells,” said Chris.

“And it was harder than we thought. We’re both pretty aware of the seasons, after all we need the light to make our work but it’s hard to step back from the commercialised events and feel excited about a day that no-one else is taking any notice of, even though they signify real events.”

Chris and Diana kept a record of the appearance of seasonal adverts and goods on the shelves of local shops, to see just how early some of them were and to help themselves spot and resist the dictates of commercialism.

There will be a chance to meet and talk with both artists on Friday April 26 from 11am-1pm and Tuesday June 11 from 2pm-4pm. You can also join them for a special evening event on Friday  May 17 for Museums at Night.