Creswell Crags hosting artist’s exhibition

Justine%20NettletonCreswell Crags is hosting a new, colourful exhibition inspired by its archaeology by regional artist, Justine Nettleton.

Inspired by a small amber pebble found at the Crags, “Precious” is a stunning collection of 19 pastel drawings of crystals and precious stones.

Amber is not indigenous to Creswell Crags, and the pebble is thought to have been carried to the area by Ice Age people who regarded it as precious.

The pebble is on display in the permanent exhibition in Creswell Crags museum.

Justine admits that she is fascinated by, and seeks inspiration from, the lives of our ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. She is intrigued by their way of life, seeing a number of connections with our own as modern humans.

She explains, “Appreciating beauty and seeing some objects as precious and magical is something we do today. I like this link we have with ancient people and see it as a fundamental human trait. Crystals, precious and semi-precious stones captivate us. They have beauty and some people believe they have magical properties. I was captivated by their beauty and wanted to portray that in each drawing.”

Justine is a Fine Artist based in her studio at Harrington Mills in Long Eaton, Nottingham. She studied Fine Art at Newcastle in the late 1980s and has been producing her paintings and drawings for exhibitions since then. She has exhibited locally, national and internationally.

The exhibition is open daily from  March 23 through to September and admission is free.

All works will be for sale. Any visitors interested in purchasing work should contact Justine directly or visit her website

For further information contact the museum on 01909 720378 or email