Mural to be unveiled by council leader

SubismARTSBEAT ART: Blank Canvasses: Community Participatory Project will reach its next stage with the unveiling of a  Derby Arts Collective Subism mural by the Leader of Derby City Council, Cllr Paul Bayliss tomorrow (February 28) on Mercian Way in Derby.

Subism Collective and PWP (Plowman Williams Partnership) are the two local arts organisations who have been creating artworks for the project; including sculpture, wall murals and an interactive guide. The themes of the artworks reflect the names of the new streets; Mercian Way and Lara Croft Way

The project is creating a series of high-quality art works along the new Connecting Derby ring road along Mercian Way. Working with local Artists, QUAD and local communities, the Blank Canvasses project has been conceived to provide a gateway to the Derby city centre, to engage with communities in a creative way and to improve the built environment.

Artists from the Subism collective have been working with local residents and school children within the area to produce the graphic artworks for the mural.

Stuart Boyd, Subism Founder and MD, said “Subism artist Billy has had some great input and response from the workshops she has done with the local school children and the output is fantastic.

“It has been great to get involved with the local community to which I have lived and worked in for over a decade now, I really look forward to seeing the artwork brightening up the area and hope this can be a stepping stone to more exciting future projects.”

PWP’s project, ‘Mercian Enfilade’ refers to various aspects of the location such as Derby’s History. ‘An Enfilade’ means a volley of gunfire directed along a line, architecturally the term also refers to a linear series of connecting doorways providing a connecting vista.

The Mercian Way Research Station is PWP’s base for consulting with local residents and passing public to inspire creative ideas for the art works to be produced and placed in locations along the road. The Mercian Way Research Station is open to the public Thursday to Saturday 10:30am to 3:30pm.

QUAD is leading on this community participatory public art project with funding from Derby City Council and in partnership with local artists and communities.

 Keith Jeffrey, QUAD CEO said “We’re really looking forward to see how people react to this exciting work. It has been produced in a way that engages local people and we think they will really take it to their hearts.”

 Cllr Paul Bayliss, Leader of Derby City Council, said “I’m looking forward to opening the new mural, as this project is a great opportunity to engage with the communities and promote art and culture in the city.

“It also shows how well the Council can work with partnership organisations such as QUAD and the creative communities in the city to create something special that the community can be proud of and call their own.”