Join storytellers at Scrivener’s Books

scriveners bookshopEveryone loves a good story – whether it’s an amusing anecdote, or a well told traditional tale.

With that in mind Anne Mulkeen Murray is planning to start a Sunday afternoon storytelling group at Scrivener’s Books in Buxton. 

‘There is a strong imperative within us all to tell stories in daily life,” said Anne, who is an educational psychologist for Derbyshire County Council.

“Whether it is family history or stories we tell to children, or tales of the Peak District – stories build a sense of identity and community.

“I’d like everyone who comes along to feel they can participate. A story can be anything – a myth or fairy tale, a true account of something which actually happened.

“Some people may want to improve their ability to speak in public, and I can give help and advice, but I hope everyone is going to take a turn.”

She said she had held storytelling groups with children in schools and it was amazing the confidence it gave them, and how it helped their writing skills.

Anne is originally from Ireland and lived in Newfoundland in Canada for many years, before settling with her husband in Buxton.

She is a published poet, and when she came to live in Buxton five years ago one of the first things she did was start up a book group.

That is going well but I also really wanted to start a storytelling circle. I thought Scriveners would be ideal because it has a terrific atmosphere and the range of books is so enticing,” she said.

We’ll decide at the first meeting how we want to organise ourselves, but I imagine it will be as simple as taking it in turns to tell a story.”

The free meetings will be held monthly on Sundays 2pm to 3.30pm, at Scrivener’s Books, 42 High Street, Buxton and everyone is welcome to go along. The first is on Mother’s Day, March 10.

“So perhaps we’ll focus on stories about mothers – everyone has a story about their mother, or someone’s mother or being a mother . . . we’ll have tea and biscuits and if people want to bring along their knitting to be getting on with, that’s fine too,” explained Anne.

For more information please email: or contact Gill Cossee at Scrivener’s Books, phone 01298 73100,email: