Cromford crowdfunding pitch half way

5-Clay%20Smith-%27Landscape%20with%20Superimposed%20Future%27-2012Cromford artist Rachael Pinks has reached  the half way mark in her crowdfunding  pitch via People Fund It.

She has 15 days left to raise the remainder of her target of £1,300.

Rachael said: “We’ve raised a whopping £780 so far and have reached 60 per cent of our target, thanks to so many of you for your kind pledges and also for all your messages of support via, email, facebook and twitter. It’s great to know that we have so many supporters & people who enjoy what we do at the studio.”

She has also added a few more rewards to the crowdfunding pitch and one of them will be limited to just two pledges.

Clay Smith, one of the artists who has a space at the Old Lock Up Studio and has been selected to exhibit at the Format13 International Photography Festival in Derby, has offered two prints of one of his works.

The print pictured above is called ‘Landscape with Superimposed Future. If you pledge £100 you will receive one signed on the reverse. There are more details about the picture on the crowd funding site.

To find out what else Rachael has added to the offers check out the crowdfunding site at

“The great thing about crowdfunding is that your pledges receive a reward and usually, and very much so in our crowdfunding pitch, the rewards are of a much greater value than the pledges themselves. So you receive something that would normally cost much more, plus you get the great feeling that you have contributed to something worthwhile: a modern day philanthropist,” added Rachael.

To find out more about Rachael go to one of these sites

There is also a feature about Rachael and Clay and their work in the March edition of the free Artsbeat magazine which is out now. Click on About Artsbeat above to find out where you can pick up a copy.