Louis Vella is one to watch

2013-01-02 12.02.34ARTSBEAT FEATURE: Don’t be too surprised if, one day, when you are watching the Oscars being handed out, the name Louis Vella crops up.

When it happens remember that you heard it here first as Artsbeat is pretty certain that he is going to be a future star and Academy Award winner.

It won’t be as a leading man though – acting is not his thing. He likes to be on the other side of the camera. In fact if he is not behind a camera he is like a fish out of water.

“I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. For me being behind the camera and creating the pictures is what it is all about,” he said.

Louis is just 18 and if his work is already being fought over by the likes of Sky and Channel Four in a decade there is no telling how far he will have gone.

The cinematographer cannot be described as either shy or modest. He pushes himself forward and he is rightly proud of his achievements.

But then that’s why he is doing so well, as his upfront but friendly manner and endless energy can’t fail to impress. Before you know it you are another of his conquests, helping him along the way.

“I make friends with people and I learn from what they have to offer. I was told early on it is who you know not what you know and that was good advice.”

Louis has put the sage words to good use – he might be still a student but he already has his own production company and a string of award-winning short films to his name. To be fair he started early. When he was about 13 to be precise. Having wowed his high school, local am-dram groups and a handful of regional theatres with his lighting skills he left school at 16 determined to learn more about camera work.

With his work experience giving him a CV most 30-year-olds would be pleased with he earned himself a place at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies in Nottingham.

Predictably he amazed them with his first official assignment winning no fewer than five awards for a five-minute video called Ouija.

“People liked Ouija and there is no doubting it got me where I am today. I never dreamt it would be possible to have come this far in such a short space of time but I have done it.

“Sometimes I am working crazy hours but it is always fun. I am not a workaholic but I don’t like to stop. It is my passion and I work because I want to. Even if I am not working on a specific project I will be out trying something new.

“I like spur of the moment. Some of my best work has been done that way and if someone said ‘Hey let’s go and film this or that’ right now I would just pick up my camera and go.”

With his latest venture, a pilot for a Channel Four drama Heart of Chaos, he reached a crossroads where he had to choose between using the camera and directing others to do the job. But of course he just insisted on doing both.

Louis’s Derbyshire based production company ‘studio3cine’ had been hired to provide camera and lighting.

But he impressed them so much that within a couple of days he was asked to take on the role of director of photography.

“It was a big deal being asked to do that but I cannot bear not holding the camera and so I am doing both.

“I am not going to lie I am chuffed that my name is going to be attached to the credits as director of photography. It really is crazy.”

It is this film which has now attracted the attention of Sky. The action drama was written by a former Royal Marine called Adam Collins and it could well be on our TVs sometime next year.

To find out more about Louis and his latest projects go to his website http://www.studio3cine.com

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