Bring your own vinyl night at Quad

neil young journeysA new film documenting musician Neil Young will be screened at a special ‘All The Right Notes’ event at QUAD in Derby this month. 

Neil Young: Journeys is chronicled by Jonathan Demme, a frequent music collaborator, who also directed Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense and Neil Young: Heart Of Gold.

In this film, Neil Young returns to the place of his birth Ontario, Canada, to revisit old haunts as he explores his formative years. Footage from his performance in the vintage Massey Hall is interspersed with scenes from his journey to Ontario in a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria.

To celebrate Neil Young’s stalwart love of vinyl, All The Right Notes present a ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ night in QUAD on Friday January 25 following the 6:30pm screening of Neil Young: Journeys. 

A turntable will be set up in QUAD Café Bar following the screening and the night is open to anyone to bring their vinyl to play, swap and talk about.

‘All The Right Notes’ aims to create a programme of screenings and special events to encourage connection and a community for those with a passion for music. 

From concert films and documentaries, to biopics and album listening nights, All The Right Notes aims to bring the best to music fans in The Midlands.

Neil Young: Journeys (PG) also screens in QUAD on January 26 and 27. Cinema tickets are: £7.60 full price and £6 concessions.

For more information or to book tickets, please call QUAD box office on 01332 290606 or see