Three films – three genres at QUAD

Three films at QUAD, covering genres from Silent Cinema, Martial Arts to Hip-Hop, will have special guest introductions in December.
A one–off screening of the silent classic The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (PG) on Sunday  December 2 at 4pm will be introduced by film writer Adam BattyThe film, from 1928, follows the final days of Joan of Arc as she is tried for heresy. Renée Maria Falconetti’s portrayal of Joan is frequently heralded as the finest performance in the history of film. Featuring a classical piano score from Japanese silent film composer Mie Yanashitathe film will be introduced by Adam Batty, editor of film website ‘Hope Lies At 24 Frames A Second’. Adam programmes regular screenings at QUAD, entitled 16 Frames A Second, which showcase some of the best silent films from the first 30 years of cinema.
QUAD’s monthly Asian film night, Satori Screen, will be introduced by Asian film fanatic Peter Mumford with an inspired martial arts epic in December. Somi: Taekwon-do Woman is a North Korean film which was made in 1997, but had never be seen in the West until this year when it was rediscovered and has since been screened to critical acclaim. Taekwon-do Woman is set in the kingdom of Koryo where a corrupt ruling dynasty oppresses the people. Somi’s parents are killed in an uprising she loses her voice through shock. Martial arts master Dosa takes her in and trains her, but will she obtain her vengeance? Somi: Taekwon-do Woman (Advised 15) screens on Friday  December 7 at 8:45pm.
Introduced and specially curated by BBC Radio Derby’s Devon Daley, QUAD’s Feel Good Film Club celebrates the many facets of Black Culture with regular bi-monthly screenings. December’s film is Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap. The film takes a journey with Ice-T into the heart and soul of hip hop with practically every legend of rap music. Beyond the stardom and the bling, Ice-T looks at what goes on inside the minds of the grandmasters of rap. The film features Snoop Dogg, Afrika Bambaataa, Run DMC, Chuck D, Dr. Dre, Eminem and many more. Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (15) screens on Friday December 7 at 8pm.
Cinema tickets are: £7.60 full price and £6.85 Concessions. For more information or to book seats for any of the film screeningsplease call QUAD box office on 01332 290606 or go to