Don’t miss Youth Theatre in the High Peak

Don’t miss young stars in the making from the High Peak, perform at the Pavilion Arts Centre during the latest series of Kaleidoscope theatre productions: The Canterbury Tales (November 23 and  24), The Odyssey (November 30 and December 1) and The Keeper of the Tales (December 7 and 8).

The Canterbury Tales, one of the most famous literary collections in British history will be performed by the Youth Theatre Company (aged from 14 to 18 years). Told in Middle English the pilgrims recount their tales along with Chaucer himself, in a performance that promises to be comic, tragic and even a little bit naughty in places. Canterbury Tales will be the first performance by the Youth Company.

The Odyssey (by the Intermediate Theatre Company, aged from 11 to 13 years) will tell the epic tale of Odysseus and his ten year journey home after the Trojan War. Confronted by natural and supernatural threats, Odysseus must use all his strength, courage and wit to overcome adversaries such as Circe, Polyphemus the Cyclops, the mighty Poseidon, the beautiful goddess Calypso, the sirens and many others in order to safely reach his homeland once more.

The Keeper of the Tales by the Junior Theatre Company (aged from eight to ten) invites audiences to the bazaar, where a wise old beggar journeys on a magic carpet ride to remember and along the way gives a spoilt princess more than she bargained for. Featuring stories from 1001 Arabian Nights, such as The Husband and The ParrotThe Donkey DriverThe Two Thieves and The Fisherman and The Genie –The Keeper of the Tales is filled with laughter, love and timeless lessons.

Tickets for the Youth Theatre shows are priced at £7 and discounts are available. Call the box office on 0845 127 2190 or buy online at