On Kinder Scout – a mountain as inspiration

Kristan Baggaley has a well-established reputation for his paintings of the Derbyshire Peak District and since the spring he has been observing, drawing and painting Kinder Scout.

A solo exhibition of his paintings On Kinder Scout is being presented at gallerytop, Chatsworth Road, Rowsley, from November 6 until November 25. The large dynamic oil paintings have been produced over the past six months using the mountain as a source of inspiration, reflection and visual commentary.

What he has captured and reflected in the work is the terrible weather we have had this summer, with unprecedented rainfall and storms. The exhibition includes includes sketches, initial watercolours and the final large, rich, sumptuous oil paintings of the Kinder Plateau.

Kristan said: “It is the natural features, the forceful presence of Kinder Scout, which inspired me to produce this series of paintings. A landscape where there is the indefinable, unknown source of power, way beyond our control.”

The photograph above shows Kristan in his studio trying to decide which paintings to include in this exhibition.

More information about Kristan, the exhibition and gallerytop can be found at http://www.gallerytop.co.uk