Slipware exhibition at Gallerytop

Slipware by Francoise Dufayard.

Gallerytop at Rowsley is currently exhibiting slipware pottery by 17 of the most accomplished potters in the UK and beyond.

Everyone is welcome to visit the gallery to see the collection of ceramics by such renowned artists as Clive Bowen, Cormac Boydell, Francoise Dufayard, Paul Young and Pim Van Huisseling.

Slip, which is powdered clay mixed with water, was first used on the inside of jugs in the 14th century to make pots easier to clean and therefore more hygienic. The technique of decorating with liquid clay – called slip trailing – was introduced into Britain from the continent and potters were not slow to recognise the potential of this skilful and rapid decoration. The potters in ‘Slipware’ are from France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Britain and show just a few of the exciting creative possibilities that are now achieved using the slipware tradition.

The gallery is open six days a week from 10am until 5pm (closed Mondays). It is just off the A6 near to the Peak Village retail outlet at Rowsley. You can see all the work at or for more information e-mail or call them on 01629 735580.